User Guide




EZtrack box

Box setup and access to the software web interface

• Mount the EZtrack box to your camera using the provided V-lock mount.

• Plug EZtrack to a 12-Volt power source using the 4-pin XLR connector (3).

• Connect EZtrack to your LAN by plugging an ethernet cable to the RJ-45 connector (2). EZtrack’s IP address will be resolved automatically using DHCP, if you need to access it through a static address, follow the step described at How to change EZtrack’s IP address.

• On a computer connected to the same network as EZtrack, launch a web browser (Mozilla or Chrome) and type “http://eztrack[n]” in the address field. (replace [n] by your EZtrack’s ID. Example: “http://eztrack13”).

EZtrack’s web interface should now be accessible in your browser!

Lighthouse Base stations

Good to know before installing

• You can use up to four base stations in a single room covering 6 m x 6 m (20 ft x 20 ft).

• Each base station in the same play area will need to be set on a different channel. This will be handled by EZtrack automatically.

• Each base station has a 150-degree horizontal field of view and a 110-degree vertical field of view. To maximize your play area, set up at above head height (ideally more than 2 m or 6.5 ft from the floor), with the angle of each base station adjusted between 25 and 35 degrees. Rotate the angle of the base stations left or right to fine tune and fully cover the play area.

Field of view

• For proper tracking, make sure that the distance between any base station and the trackers are within a range of 7 m (23 ft). Make sure that there are no physical barriers (such as protruding shelves) where you place the base stations, so it can fully cover its field of view and its signal won’t be obstructed.

Max distance and obstruction


1. Mount the base stations diagonally at opposite corners of your space. You can also use tripods, light stands, or the ceiling when mounting the base stations, or even place it on stable book cases. Just avoid using unstable mounting solutions or surfaces that are prone to vibration.

2. Adjust the base stations so that the front panels are facing toward the center of the play area.

3. Attach the power cables to the base stations, and then plug each of the adapter into a power outlet to turn them on.

Note: Use only the power cables and adapters that came with your base stations.

Depending on the variant of your hardware, the status lights should be white or green.

Note: Once turned on, do not move or adjust the angles of the base stations as it could disrupt the tracking process. Otherwise, you will need to set up the play area again.

Lighthouse Trackers

Tracker reference


Charging the Tracker

Make sure to use the USB cable that’s in the box. Connect the USB cable to the power adapter that came with the EZtrack box, and then plug the power adapter to a power outlet to charge the Tracker.

Note: You can also connect the Tracker to a computer’s USB port to charge it.

When the Tracker is fully charged, its status light either shows white if its off or green if it’s turned on.

Attaching the Tracker to an accessory

Standard tripod docking: Align the tripod plate’s bolt and stabilizing pin with the corresponding holes on the Tracker. Turn the tab on the bottom side of the plate clockwise to screw the Tracker securely in place.

Mounting kit

Note: For illustration only. Third-party accessories are not provided.

Turning the Tracker on or off

• To turn the Tracker on, press the Power button.

• To turn the Tracker off, press the Power button for 5 seconds.

Note: When you turn off your EZtrack box, the Tracker will also automatically turn off.

Tracker button

Pairing the Tracker

• Once the Tracker is turned on the first time, it will automatically pair with the dongle. The status light shows as blinking blue while the pairing is in progress. The status light turns solid green when the Tracker is successfully paired.

• To manually pair the Tracker, launch the EZtrack web app and click the “+ Pair” button.

Verifying the connection status

From the EZtrack web app, check if the icon for the Tracker shows as solid blue which means the Tracker is detected successfully.

Checking the status light

The status light shows:

• Green when the Tracker is in normal mode

• Blinking red when battery is low

• Blinking blue when the Tracker is pairing with the dongle

• Blue when the Tracker is connecting with the dongle