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Quite less hassle for profiling your lenses thanks to our comprehensive workflow!
License starting at 1 499€/seat* 
Lens Profiling Bundle (license + boards): 1 948€*
*excluding VAT (if applicable)
EZprofile® provides camera operators with a universal solution to generate highly accurate lens profiles for any optic type: ENG/EFP, Cine Prime, Hybrid zoom, Broadcast zoom lens.

Released as a standalone software, it implements a straightforward process with complete control of the data at every step, to deliver accurate calibrated lens profiles, in a limited time.


Smart recording of lens intrinsics to generate highly accurate lens profiles

EZprofile has been engineered to provide camera operators with a steadfast solution for processing highly accurate lens mapping that suits any kind of optic, whatever the manufacturer or type of lens: ENG/EFP lens, Cine Prime, Hybrid zoom, Broadcast zoom lens.
Featuring a proven lens mapping process, our software takes advantage of custom-developed “smart” algorithms to generate any individual lens file embedding the key intrinsic parameters of your optic: K1/K2, FOV, focus distance, nodal offset, aperture.

Automated image processing allowing operator to save time and efforts

Thanks to its automated image processing feature, EZprofile automatically records the lens intrinsics on the entire ranges of zoom/focus of the optic, before recording a three-dimensional calibration object provided as a compiled lens profile.
The software can be operated using any tracking system outputting the Freed protocol – For the operator this allows avoiding the risk of possible errors on measurements, while ensuring a rapid calibration process: ~30 min on average for Cine Prime, up to 2H for more complex Broadcast zooms.

Full control of your lens profiles for newly edited and pre-calibrated files

Taking into account that many users need to quickly and easily swap their different optics during their live production phase, EZprofile is the perfect tool to pre-generate all necessary lens profiles during the prep phase, as these will be loaded into the targeted 3D rendering pipeline prior day one of the shooting.
Alternatively, the software can also load any existing lens profile that has been compiled over EZprofile prior and for a targeted 3D workflow: operator will be able to refine such a lens profile with possibility to re-export it to another compatible engine.

Highest matching precision between your real environment and 3D layers

Whether producing over cyclorama green screen or LED-based xR stage, the overall quality of the lens profile appears key to avoid any possible visual inaccuracies on the 3D rendered layer, thus, especially for typical virtual set extensions for which the edges of the LED surfaces must perfectly match the virtual set.
As critical complement to the camera tracking, EZprofile helps you achieving a “pixel perfect” matching precision between your real set environment and virtual assets thanks to accurate lens intrinsic measurements being compiled into each profile.


Process any lens profiling with EZprofile in using our additional set of 4 premium calibration Tag boards, precisely double-side printed on a solid 5mm aluminum support, cut out with round edges. The set is packaged and provided into its dedicated transport bag.


To operate EZprofile® on your PC or laptop, use of one SDI to USB converter such as the AJA U-TAP 3G-SDI USB 3.0 capture device

Alternatively, user can also use one Black Magic Decklink video acquisition card combined with a webcam emulator such as OBS Studio
OS: Windows 64 bits


CPU: Intel or AMD multicore with at least 4 cores


RAM: at least 8 Gigs DDR4


  • Requires our additionnal Premium Calibration Boards Set.
  • Studio License for internal use only (Perpetual seat license).
  • License for service provider or partner available on quote.
  • Software available in downloadable redistribution only.
  • License does not include upgrades nor support plans.

License starting at 1 499€/seat* | Premium Boards Set: 449€*

Lens Profiling Bundle (license + boards) starting at 1 948€*

*excluding VAT (if applicable)
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