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EZtrack®: the Hub for camera and objects tracking in real-time

Fast to set-up and modular solution for virtual production


EZtrack & EZprofile lineup showcase at IBC 2022!

Finally, IBC is just around the corner! Get opportunity to visit us either on the Microfilms booth #12.D26 or FOR.A booth #2.A51 to live experience the brand new version 2 of our EZtrack HUB, as well as our EZprofile toolset for lens calibration. See you there!


EZtrack showcase at ISE 2023!

Finally, ISE is just around the corner! Get opportunity to visit us either on the Content Studio Grup Mediapro on booth D600 to live experience the version 2 of our EZtrack HUB, See you there!


Fast-forwarding Virtual Production: our NEW Product line-up introduced at NAB 2022!

Following several months of hard work by our R&D team, we are proud to unveil 3 major innovations for studios at NAB 2022: get a live preview on stage at the Zero Density Booth, #N2636!


EZtrack® now landing at virtual studios in Italy

March 2022 - oARo is proud to announce its partnership with the leading European systems integrator FOR A to distribute EZtrack® primarily in Italy. The company develops, manufactures, produces and sales professional video equipment for various applications of the Broadcast area.


EZtrack® now landing at virtual studios in Japan!

February 2022 - oARo is proud to announce its partnership with the leading motion capture systems integrator and OptiTrack technology specialist Spice Inc. to distribute EZtrack® in Japan, toward its fast growing virtual production market!


EZtrack® now landing at virtual studios in Vietnam!

February 2022 - oARo is proud to announce its partnership with the leading broadcast systems integrator VTV Broadcom Media and Solutions to distribute EZtrack® in Vietnam, as the company has a proven track record in delivering turn key solutions for the TV industry!


EZprofile® toolset for lens calibration announced!

December 2021 – oARo teases the upcoming release of EZprofile®: our latest toolset aiming at helping virtual studios to calibrate their optical lenses! Achieving a truly comprehensive workflow, this stand-alone lens profile editor will bring to the users several production-oriented features: smart interpolation of captured lens data, export of the profile to multiple 3D renders, process of all zoom & focus values from any lens, whether Broadcast or Prime type!


EZtrack® now landing at virtual studios in Portugal!

November 2021 – oARo is proud to announce its partnership with the broadcast-expert systems integrator GTC - Sistemas Digitais de Vídeo, to integrate and distribute EZtrack® to the fast-growing community of virtual studios and live TV sets in Portugal.


EZtrack® Wiki now live!

October 2021 – We are happy to announce to our growing community of users that EZtrack® now has its dedicated Wiki in which you can access our complete knowledge base to get quickly familiar with the system: latest User Guide, Quick Starter, Video Tutorials and Release notes.


EZtrack® now landing at USA and Latin America studios!

oARo is proud to officialize its partnership with PopUp Media 360 for both integrating and distributing EZtrack® to studios from the US territory as well as the large Latin America region: a BIG step forward for our team as the system is getting integrated to more and more studios worldwide!


EZtrack® now landing at German studios!

oARo is proud to officialize its partnership with the long established and broadcast-specialized system integrator KST Moschkau GmbH to distribute EZtrack® to studios from Germany and at wider level, to studios from the greater DACH territory including Austria and Switzerland.


EZtrack® ready to land at UK & APAC-based studios!

oARo is proud to officialize its partnership with Disguise to distribute EZtrack® to studios from the United Kingdom as well as the large Asia-Pacific zone, including the Hong Kong Bay area.


EZtrack® ready to land at studios from South Korea!

oARo is proud to officialize its partnership with LKMNC to distribute EZtrack® to studios from the Seoul area, and at a wider scale, to all creative teams and virtual studios from South Korea.


EZtrack® embarks for an amazing set, to air an amazing virtual show!

We are proud that our system has been part of the rig used for the Dassault Aviation’s Falcon10X Premiere streamed to a huge audience of fans worldwide. When great innovations meet-up, then result can only be amazing!


Antilatency & EZtrack® PR announces the integration of their products

The two companies are proud to announce that the combination of their systems provides to the studios an all-in-one virtual production kit embedding a Premium blend of features for camera tracking!

WHAT IS EZtrack® ?

EZtrack® Hub relies on a compact system unit that delivers accurate tracking, compatibility with multiple tracking standards, image sync, zoom/focus data readout and communication with world-class 3D engines.

– For virtual studios on green screen or LED XR.

– Track any camera type in 6DOF: steadycams, dollies, cranes and PTZs.

– Complete support of  multi-camera setup.

– Live talent and virtual object tracking.







Discover how studios take advantage of EZtrack® for their virtual productions
Explore our



Get the opportunity to combine the EZtrack® Hub with world-class tracking standards and sensor technologies that can be easily hot-plugged and switched on the fly, according to your set configuration, cameras rig or specific shooting requirements. This is a real game changer!
Find out your own setup



Send tracking data over FreeD protocol or with the LiveLink plugin for Unreal. EZtrack® intuitive interface displays all tracking information in a one-tab screen.


EZtrack® reads zoom/focus data from a wide range of digitally encoded lenses (Canon, Fujinon, Angénieux, Cooke/i) as well as prime lenses thanks to external encoders


EZtrack® processes the Genlock signal generated across the cameras rig, as such feature is especially useful for live-to-air applications


Operate the camera tracking via a dedicated WebApp accessible from any computer or tablet on your network, even if control room is away the set
Achieving an excellent value for money, the solution has been especially engineered to be lighter and easier to use than other tracking products, thus enabling quick deployment of your virtual studio set-up with significantly less efforts.

Designed for mastered virtual studio conditions without many reflective surfaces, every EZtrack® Hub unit can handle up to 1 camera rig and up to 2 objects or live talents tracking.

From live TV sets to On-Set Previs, EZtrack® can be interfaced with multiple configurations :

– Virtual Studio setup for Live show/Live Entertainment in Augmented Reality (AR)

– Camera tracking : steadycams and handheld cameras, dollies, small cranes

– Objects tracking : 3D assets insertion, virtual accessories

– Talent tracking: automatic depth compositing


EZtrack® Hub natively communicates with the main 3D rendering softwares: use either the standardized FreeD protocol to transmit tracking data or our in-house TCD protocol embedding lens intrinsic data.




Whether on-site or even remotely, get the most out of your system in no time


Take advantage of EZprofile® or our 1-day training and calibration service



Rent one EZtrack® full kit, with or without direct assistance of our team


AR workflow operations for TV content, Movies, and Corporate events

Get access to a live demo of EZtrack®

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