Get access to our learning ressources to get the most out of your system in no time!


For every user of our standard EZtrack® Studio kit that relies on the Vive/SteamVR tracking combo, we will provide a complete documentation covering all useful aspects and features of the system.

Here the main topics presented inside:

– Equipment installation,

– EZtrack® Quick Setup,
– Interface references,
– Advanced features.

Complementary to the main EZtrack® User Guide, we are happy to provide every user with a specific  Quick Starter Guide.

The main topics covered inside are:

– First/initial setup of your EZtrack® system: overview of the Pelicase components, assembly of the kit, wire of the hardware parts, mount of the Base Stations rig.

– EZtrack® User Interface: webapp overview, network configuration, set-up of the studio referential, visual check within the viewport.

Learn how to operate your EZtrack® system thanks to step-bystep video tutorials that will guide you through every process.

The main covered topics are:

– Calibration of your system: set the studio origin with your tracker,

– Main features of the EZtrack® user interface: network configuration, offsets configuration of the trackers, first calibration/recalibration (tutorials yet to be released soon)


For the Antilatency system users, a dedicated tutorial is also available to ease setting-up the [EZtrack®+Antilatency] combo. Please refer to the corresponding section below in this page.


Learn how to operate your EZtrack® system thanks to step-by-step video-based tutorials that will guide you through the process.

Covered items are :

Calibration of the system : set the origin poisition with your tracker

Main features of the EZtrack® user interface: network configuration, offset configuration, first calibration/recalibration (yet to be released soon)


How to combine the two systems for your virtual studio setup

Following announcement of the compatibility of the two systems, this first tutorial aims to explain how to interface and connect the Antilatency tracking system to the EZtrack® Hub unit so you can get your camera rig starting sending its first tracking data within one hour or less!
We are inviting you to both watch the introduction trailer here before visiting the following link to access to the step-by-step guided tutorial:

Get access to our EZtracking Live Link Plugin for Unreal4!

oARo is glad to release ‘EZtracking’: its own Live Link plugin for the Unreal 4 Engine (4.25 and 4.26 versions supported), thus, with purpose of making it available for the whole
Virtual Production community worldwide. EZtrack® is definitely Unreal-native!


Wanna try it out even if you are not a registered EZtrack® system user yet? No problem! Please fill the form at clicking the request button:

One or more of our technical instructors travel to your studio facilities to provide an extended on-site training program over 2 full working days. The plan does encompass:

– DAY #1: EZtrack® system installation, single lens calibration on your own camera rig with purpose of having tracking being effective by the end of the day!

– DAY #2: exploration of the various parameters of the interface, while making the bridge with your specific live 3D render as the AR production workflow. For UE4 users, we will go-through our EZtracking Live Link Plugin interface.

Provided 100% remotely over 5-hour based modules, with the direct assistance of our technical engineer online. Proposed modules:

– EZtrack® HANDS-ON: at time of unpacking your system, will guide you step-by-step over visio to assist on connecting its different parts, before exploring all EZtrack® core features, so you can start operating the system on your own after very few hours only.

– UNREAL’S COMPOSURE PIPELINE: in-depth knowledge delivered about how to operate the RA-based workflow through the engine, while exploring the different ways to process live image keying and frames compositing.

Two plans are available from us:

– GET YOUR LENS PROFILED BY OUR OWN TEAM: As we can rent a wide range of gear to our local equipment partners, we will calibrate your own [camera+lens] config according to your preferred live render engine. A specific lens profile will then be delivered to you at the end of the process.

– ACCESS TO OUR LENS CALIBRATION MASTERCLASS: Provided over 2 full working days, our instructor will travel to your studio facilities to share in-depth knowledge about lens profiling while providing your studio with our dedicated calibration tools and methodology.

Thanks to both our broad experience in Virtual Production and our qualified network of partners in France, Europe and USA, oARo can provide its knowledge at every step of implementing your setup.

Depending on both the requirements for your virtual studio and the technical specifications of your workflow, then we can activate either a single or mutualized expertise within the following areas:

– Cameras tracking (optical & hybrid/mechanical),

– Cyclorama Lighting & LED Walls custom setup,
– Live 3D Rendering Pipelines.