Get access to our learning ressources to get the most out of your system in no time!


Explore our full online documentation and knowledge base to learn operating your system in no time! Main covered topics are:

– EZtrack® User Guide and Quick Starter Guide

– EZtrack® X Antilatency Combo tutorials
– EZtrack® Software releases Changelog
– EZtrack® Mini-video tutorials
– EZtracking UE4 Live Link plugin documentation
– And more to be posted over the time to come…

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For every registered client of our EZtrack® system, we will provide a complete documentation covering all useful aspects and features of the system, thus, regardless of the version of the kit purchased in the first place.

Also, complementary to the main EZtrack® User Guide, every user will have access to our Quick Starter Guide covering the setup of the system and its user interface.


All content is now available 100% online, wherever, whenever you want, thanks to our dedicated Wiki page!

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Because watching content will always be more convenient than reading through it, our team has produced several video-based tutorials.

From basic system installation to more advanced camera line-up setting, learn how to unleash all features of your EZtrack® system!

The current list will soon be completed with advanced topics such as external encoders setup and object/talent tracking setup over either Antilatency or Vive: stay tuned!

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Learn how to operate your EZtrack® system thanks to step-by-step video-based tutorials that will guide you through the process.

Covered topics are :


How to combine the two systems for your virtual studio setup

This first tutorial aims to explain how to interface and connect the Antilatency tracking system to the EZtrack® Hub unit. We are inviting you to both watch the introduction trailer here before visiting the following link to access to the step-by-step guided tutorial:
Visit the Antilatency tutorials page
Live link Mac interface

Get access to our EZtracking Live Link Plugin for Unreal4!

oARo is glad to release ‘EZtracking’: its own Live Link plugin for the Unreal 4 Engine (4.25, 4.26 and 4.27 versions supported), thus, with purpose of making it available for the whole Virtual Production community worldwide. EZtrack® is definitely Unreal-native!


Wanna try it out even if you are not a registered EZtrack® system user yet? No problem! Please fill the form at clicking the request button: