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– EZtrack®  User and Quick Starter Guides

– EZtrack®  video tutorials
– Specific combo tutorials (Antilatency, OptiTrack, ..)
– EZtrack®  software releases Changelog
– EZtracking UE4 Live Link plugin documentation
– EZprofile lens calibration software User Guide
– EZprofile lens calibration software Changelog
Explore the
Our edited user guide describes how to calibrate and profile any optical lens, whether Broadcast-grade or Cine Prime, using EZprofile®.
To learn more about the toolset:

Among others, main covered topics are:

– Setup requirements
– Data Capture and preparation table
– Data processing & verification
– Visually data refine
– Profile export to 3D render engine


EZtrack® offers direct and native readout of zoom/focus metadata from many Broadcast-grade lenses from Canon, Fujinon, Angénieux, as well as Cooke/i compatible lines of lenses.

Broadcast-type lenses equipped with digitally encoded servo units can simply be connected directly to the EZtrack® Hub unit in using one single Hirose cable provided into every package to get both zoom/focus information readout: lens data is sent over IP to your 3D render engine.

Typically, most of Cine Zoom lines and Cine Prime lenses are not equipped with a digitally encoded servo or drive unit. In such a case, our ‘Nano’ external lens encoders can be provided as complement to the tracking setup to readout lens data from these cine lines as well.

  • Interface type: Hirose 6 pins
  • Precision: 11bits per single wheel revolution
  • Casted aluminum mounting bracket for standardized 15mm rods
  • Interchangeable wheels for specific pitch gear (Canon, Fujinon, Angénieux, etc…)
  • Universal rubber wheel adapter provided to fit all rings diameters