Released as the newest entry into our 2024 product catalogue, we are pleased introducing EZlineup®: our software solution that primarily aims at easing the way for any operator to measure and compute the offsets on any camera tracking device, thus, while correctly aligning the origin of the stage to achieve the most accurate line-up.

Taking advantage of the common Freed protocol stream, EZlineup® natively combines the live tracking data from EZtrack® (or any Freed-compatible tracking system), accurate lens profile generated by EZprofile®, and Miraxyz’s proven computer vision techniques.


To achieve precise camera offsets computing, a known pattern — our patented, tag-based ‘MAGIC CUBE’ — is strategically placed at the studio’s origin and is captured by the camera from multiple viewpoints. The recorded data is then instantly processed by our software solver to deliver the desired results in ensuring both a very accurate alignment and spatial consistency.

As complement to the core offsets computing feature, EZlineup® also allows user to:


– define a new origin in a better stage location,

– share the same origin across multiple tracked cameras or devices,

– quickly refine the tracking referential to perfectly match any virtual object positioned on the set.


Learn more information about EZlineup® in exploring our dedicated product page: