As complement of our last post about this operation; here is a great visual breakdown of the delivered extended reality (XR) and live AR shots for the Valorant Champions Tour 2021 in Mexico City, as the Esport broadcasted show has been highly covered and streamed to multi-millions of fans and gamers online from around the world!
Produced by our friends at PopUp Media 360 for Riot Games and co-operated on-set by the team of oARo, the experience did combine the most sought-after tools from the virtual production technology market nowadays: the Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games combined with the Reality Engine from Zero Density. Both cameras and object tracking were made possible thanks to PTZ Cameras from Sony, as these were associated on-set to our EZtrack Hub to live track the main on-jib travelling camera. Such equipment did successfully provide altogether a streamlined workflow for live producers and operators during the final events of the show.