Produced in 2021 by our registered system integrator in China, Dison Technology, here is another great example illustrating our EZtrack® Hub unit processing seamless live tracking data on stage for both at the same time a handled steady camera and a talent as a live dancing performer.
Dynamic triggered 3D interactions combined with fancy particles effects created from scratch by our primary creative partner as Tessellation studio, as it does perfectly master the Unreal 4 pipeline.Produced by our friends at PopUp Media 360 for Riot Games and co-operated on-set by the team of oARo, the experience did combine the most sought-after tools from the virtual production technology market nowadays: the Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games combined with the Reality Engine from Zero Density. Both cameras and object tracking were made possible thanks to PTZ Cameras from Sony, as these were associated on-set to our EZtrack Hub to live track the main on-jib travelling camera. Such equipment did successfully provide altogether a streamlined workflow for live producers and operators during the final events of the show.