February 2023 – We are very proud sharing this great Making Of video of the advertising spot produced for the Cola Cao brand!
Led by the director Andrea Bielsa and the entire production and postproduction teams from Glassy, the virtual production unit from our primary partner MediaPro in Spain, and the post team from Only Postproduction; all these highly skilled creative teams did join their forces to bring the spot to life, in designing the project shot by shot and scene by scene.
Whereas this video commercial is one of the very few that have been entirely shot using a full virtual production workflow in Barcelona to date, our EZtrack® camera tracking system did play an important role in achieving the high level of creative freedom that the scenarios designers and DOPs were especially looking for when operating their cameras on stage.
Congratulations to the teams of Cola Cao, Glassy, MediaPro, BBDO Agency, and Only Postproduction!