EZprofile® Toolset

Quite less hassle for profiling your lenses thanks to our comprehensive workflow!
Starting at 1 399€/seat

EZprofile®, our innovative software solution, is aimed at virtual studio operators for the calibration of their optical lenses, regardless of their type; Cine Prime or Broadcast zoom lens.


Released as a stand-alone toolset, the solution implements a straightforward process with complete control of the data at every step, to deliver an accurate calibrated lens profile, in a limited time.

Recommended Software & Hardware configuration

To operate EZprofile® on your PC or laptop, use of one SDI to USB converter such as the AJA U-TAP 3G-SDI USB 3.0 capture device

Alternatively, user can also use one Black Magic Decklink video acquisition card combined with a webcam emulator such as OBS Studio
OS: Windows 64 bits


CPU: Intel or AMD multicore with at least 4 cores


RAM: at least 8 Gigs DDR4

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Starting at 1 399€/seat

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