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You probably already know or have heard about our company as an innovative camera tracking provider, being developer of the EZtrack system, right?
Did you know that our team can also achieve a wide variety of services while dispensing key expertise to help achieving your virtual studio applications?
Indeed, depending on your targeted workflow, Miraxyz can deploy several skills to meet any existing technical setup(s) and creative needs:

  • On-premise camera(s) and talent(s) tracking
  • AR/xR workflows operations for live broadcast
  • Optics calibration with lens profiles generation
  • Consulting for new virtual studio deployment
  • Outsourced 3D content production/supervising 

Featuring typical operations Miraxyz delivers
to the Virtual Studio’ stages:

Corporate show with live performer

For a major bank holding in France, our team brought to life a complex setup blending all together live AR with multiple tracked cameras, a live performer and dynamic DMX lighting.

Large-scale product premiere 

For the reveal of Dassault’s new Falcon, we helped rendering the plane in full 1:1 scale with interiors, in achieving shots with 6DOF tracking.

Data-driven graphics for elections

Featuring a live election data feed, this use-case illustrates a standout election coverage blending data-driven graphics with camera tracking.

Corporate’s live community event

For a leading telco brand, here’s a nice scenery for which our team did operate camera + talent tracking, and our partner, a fancy 3D environment.

Thanks to its qualified team of technical operators, Miraxyz is capable of meeting all live productions, whatever the size or complexity, as your production might require on-set camera/talent tracking, lens profiling during prep, and live 3D worflows operations for Unreal Engine 5, Aximmetry, or Zero Density.

Set-vis/Tech-vis for movie production

Taking advantage of our EZtrack Hub technology to aggregate positional camera tracking and lens metadata together, Miraxyz could be your next partner to help your creative team visualizing on-set and in real-time VFX shots and 3D props, therefore allowing post-production to start live during shooting!
Up here is a typical set-vis application achieved with EZtrack for the shooting of the Fireworks movie, as we also present our extensive work achieved with Cook Optics for the development of the Near Real Time (NRT) workflow.

Take advantage of our custom workflow for accurately profiling your optics!

Beyond our core tracking skills, you might also be interested in the fact that our experts are also recognized in the lens profiling application!

Is the lens  profiling a topic your team is currently looking for specific support and guidelines?

As we understand that such a topic does remain quite complex to master; if you encouter difficulties at processing the calibration of your optics, our technicians are disposed to provide their expertise through the following plans:

  • On-site lens profiling operation: our technician will travel to your studio to calibrate any desired optic(s). One day allows profiling of up to 3 lenses.
  • In-house optic(s) profiling:alternatively, our team can alsoreceive your optic(s) at our HQ facilities to process profiling for the desired 3D engine.
  • Lens profiling on-site/remote training: should your lens profiling tasks are recurrent, our team can also provide its expertise and guidelines to learn operating our dedicated workflow, EZprofile. Such a training can be dispsensed either on-site, at your facilities, or, remotely.

EZprofile is our universal lens profiler aiming at camera operators for the profiling of their optics, regardless of their type; ENG/EFP lens, Cine Prime, Hybrid zoom, Broadcast zoom lens. Available as a standalone software,  the solution implements a straightforward process accross 4 steps, with complete control of the intrinsic data at every step, to deliver very accurate calibrated lens profiles for the following 3D workflows: Unreal Engine 4.27/5.3, Aximmetry, Zero Density, Pixotope, VizRT, Brainstorm, and Back Drop.