IBC 2023 has just wrap up, and we wanted to thank you our many visitors, clients, and partners that did come to our demo booth at this occasion. Special thanks to:

  • Microfilms that did kindly host on their booth our tracking demo and our team members as well.
  • Zero Density for continuous premium support in regards of our live render setup as it did take advantage of the Reality engine.
  • Tessellation Studio for their great hardware support, especially in providing us with their Nvidia GPU allowing top notch lighting capabilities into our live AR scene.
  • Epic Games and their Unreal Engine assets store from which a photorealistic 3D scene has been used to build our tech demo on.
  • For people who didn’t have opportunity to attend IBC and visit us on the show floor, here is a nice video edit of our live tracking demo showcasing tracking operations performed by our latest EZtrack Hub Gen.2, as this one is combined with our custom Swan tracker for a typical markerless tracking setup. Again, many thanks to all our IBC visitors and friends: we’re happy staying in touch!