Featured as our latest 2023 product trailer, our team is proud sharing with our growing community of Virtual Production enthusiasts and creatives teams, the newest Generation #2 of our EZtrack Hub unit that has already been delivered to several studios since its market launch on last September 2022 following the IBC tradeshow! Packaged in a fancy-looking, entirely real time CG-edited sequence, the trailer introduces all key features, main applications, and technical advancements our R&D department has successfully put into the box since launch of the original EZtrack Hub Gen.1 back in summer 2020.
Compared with its previous release, we wanted this new trailer to reflect how far we have listened our community to implement the product evolutions they were hoping for, thus, in regards of the many feedbacks we have gathered from our studio clients and reseller network across the globe.
The EZtrack Hub GEN.2 is the centerpiece of our dedicated line of product for virtual studios, as the latter is now complemented by our custom-developed SWAN Camera tracker for the lighthouse tracking environment, as well as our universal lens profiling editor, EZprofile.