EZtrack® Software Changelog


• Zoom, focus and iris nodes can now use the input from any lens channel interchangeably
• Added feedback when a freed receiver connection is not stable enough

• Vicon source can now be synchronized to EZtrack and features new options to increase tracking stability
• Optitrack source can now be synchronized to EZtrack and features new options to increase tracking stability
• Improved the lens profile 3d surface clarity


• Fbx export files are now filled natively with the complete lens metadata information
• Devices can now be defined as anchors. Making sure they do not move leads to a higher stability of the tracking environment
• The antilatency environment can now be copied from EZtrack
• Free-d receivers now display the rate at which they currently receive data
• Free-d receivers can now get data from a serial connection using the A2 protocol
• Added position and orientation offsets to free-d receiver

• Various ui improvements to FBX recording window
• Improved lens profile support using camera metadata profiles
• Changed coordinate system for Optitrack rigid bodies. Motive’s Z axis now corresponds to EZtrack’s front
• Improved load and save config windows
• Various minor ui improvements

• Fixed the lighthouse master station not reevaluated properly after loading a config file or resetting the environment
• Fixed warnings not appearing when a node was not configured properly
• Fixed Motive appearing as connected even after a disconnection


• Fixed the focus distance unit when using a manually defined lens profile
• Fixed the values computed using a manually defined lens profile


• Fixed the encoder values displayed on the edit lens profile modal


• Fixed a bug causing the focal length to be incorrect when using a /i protocol lens that’s not a Cooke


• Fixed a bug causing the system to crash on rare occasions when disconnecting an antilatency tracker


• Added complementary logging that can be toggled in the hardware settings modal

• Reorganized the hardware settings modal

• Fixed the pose and lens buffer inputs in the timing settings modal
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes keep the software from updating correctly
• Fixed entrance pupil from lens profiles not read
• Fixed focal from lens profile created from EZtrack not propagated to TCD packets


• Added Iris node and T-stop calculation when sending TCD packets • Added cmotion lens support

• When exporting data as a .fbx file, EZtrack will now use the current timecode when setting a frames time

• Fixed lens profiles created from EZtrack calculation errors introduced in version 1.7.1


• Fixed a bug preventing lighthouse devices input buttons to work correctly


• Fixed a bug preventing config files saved before version 1.7.1 to be loaded correctly


• Added a way to modify the clamp filter behaviour, including the transition duration, and drift compensation

• Fixed .fbx exports not using the correct default referential axes
• Fixed .fbx file list being incomplete just after recording
• Fixed current .fbx recording sometimes not displaying the correct duration


• TCD output streams are now fully configurable using TCD profiles defined in settings
• Lens profiles from EZprofile can now be imported to configure the lens data sent in TCD packets
• FBX record files, containing data from several rigs can now be recorded and exported
• A special filter can be applied to Lighthouse trackers to remove any jitter when they are in a static position

• A navigator in read-only mode can now request control upon modifying a protected field
• Freed receivers synchronization has been revamped and their evaluation is now closer to the genlock or internal tick
• Internal management of the Lighthouse devices list has been overhauled to allow for advanced behaviors to be saved in config files


• Fixed invalid names attributed to vicon subjects (we were previously using the root segment name)


• Updated Antilatency version to 4.0.0
• Disconnected Antilatency how have a “disconnected state” instead of being removed from the list
• Nodes depending on a disconnected device now use the last pose tracked


• Compatibility with firmware version 2.20


• Added post mortem debugging tools

• Fixed lighthouse noise reduction filter usint too much CPU resources



• Fixed a rare bug which prevented a software update


• Roll bar added to 3d view line-up tools


• Fixed node delay not working properly
• Fixed hardware settings not loaded correctly on autoload


• Fixed antilatency devices reconnection issues


• Antilatency devices can now be renamed


• Sensor sizes are now correctly sent in TCD sockets


• Internal communication port is now set automatically

• Fixed the compatibility with the Optitrack system
• Fixed 3D view representation of dynamic nodes
• Fixed encodacam “Add channel” button


• Fixed a bug where EZtrack would not be able to update
• Fixed a bug where Freed nodes would not use settings such as filtering and inversion
• Fixed a bug where EZtrack would not be able to load a config file if a synced freed receiver was to be created


• Fixed a bug where Lighthouse devices would be swapped after connecting a new device
• Fixed a bug where Lighthouse base stations would have the wrong indicator displayed in the 3D window


• Added a way of modifying the network configuration from EZtrackFinder
• Added a noise reduction filter to lighthouse devices

• Complete licensing system overhaul
• Slightly improved client performances and reliability


• Added a button to restore the previous version of EZtrack from the “About” modal.
• EZtrackUpdater will now be updated along the other EZtrack components.

• The client can now be deactivated from itself
• Improved client performances

• Genlock phase can now be reset to 0


• OptiTrack plugin
• Vicon plugin
• VectorNav plugin
• Intel Realsense plugin
• Rig list drag & drop
• TCD protocol

• Every “tracking” nodes have been merged into the “Transform” node
• Moved lighthouse universe sync from its modal to the lighthouse tab
• Header now only displays systems that are connected to EZtrack
• Header now displays the current config file (after loading or saving one)
• Device using inputs have to be declared in a new menu
• The application can now switch between read-only mode and active mode

• Genlock phase can now be reset to 0
• Moving nodes should now work as expected
• Inputs can now be collected from more than 2 trackers at the same time (still limited for
• Pose and lens buffers are now loaded correctly
• Axes are now displayed with the correct color when viewing data in “freed” mode


• Multi-IP output
• VectorNav plugin



• The 3D view no longer crashes if client performances are poor



• Nodes adaptive filtering settings overhaul



• 3D viewer: Line-up tools



• Input transforms should no longer conflict with rigs default lens settings



• Nodes should now be movable without risk of duplication



• Log files naming

• IP settings spawning a second server when applied



• Freed reception
• Transform node
• Added various buffer/phase options
• Current timecode is now displayed in the header

• Transform position and orientation are now filtered separately
• Wrong attribution of lighthouse devices when using the “Add all” button