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September 2023 – The company owner and developer of the innovative camera tracking solution EZtrack announces its new re-branding under the company name Miraxyz.

Established at the heart of Bordeaux, France, the company takes its roots from the Previs on-set for cinema production as its leading engineering team has been at the origins of the development of the SolidTrack system for live camera tracking with free camera moves as it was when virtual production activities were at their very early stage, in the 2010 era. Over the past 10+ years, the French team has been pioneering in the deployment of several virtual studio setups for television, cinema, and live corporate shows, for world-class media production firms such as Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner, and FranceTV.

In late 2017, with the aim of taking advantage of its strong expertise in both camera tracking and lens profiling fields, the French team of Miraxyz started to develop its own EZtrack system to really democratize the way camera tracking can be empowered by the largest number of creative teams, especially for small to medium-sized production studios across the globe. Thanks to its unique market positioning, the system relies on an all-in-one “Hub” aggregator allowing camera operators and DOPs to take advantage of both an highly modular and open tracking environment to which can be interfaced simultaneously multiple sensor technologies: from infrared sources to high-end Motion Capture setups, PTZs, and mechanical pan/tilt heads: EZtrack is “one system to rule them all” to aggregate all positional and optical metadata sources from the camera, at every synced frame of a real-time production.

Beyond these core product innovations, both quality and responsiveness of the technical support dispensed by the EZtrack team are also valuable assets that the many studios registered worldwide greatly appreciate – Not to mention a proven expertise of the French team in the lens profiling techniques and workflows: in 2022, Miraxyz did release EZprofile, its universal and standalone lens profiler. Dozens of studios and creative teams are today using the software to quickly calibrate their optics as the solution allows to significantly reduce the time to process a precise lens profile; ~30min on average for any Cine Prime optic, and up to 2-hour for more complex Broadcast zoom lenses. With primary purpose of streamlining the AR production workflows for most studios, EZprofile brings the unique feature of generating any lens profile for the most sought-after 3D pipelines nowadays: Unreal Engine 5, Zero Density’s Reality engine, Aximmetry, VizRT, Brainstorm, and Pixotope.

As this summer 2023 is rising, Miraxyz is now ready to open a significant chapter for the future of EZtrack, EZprofile, and upcoming product line-up for Virtual Production – Taking its roots from the Spanish verb “Mirar” that means the action of seeing or watching, the latter has been combined here with the well-know “XYZ” as the usual space coordinates being the symbol of our core tracking expertise: this brand new identity intends to reflect the way Miraxyz  provides all image makers with the innovative technologies they deserve to instantly board their creative vision in real-time.

Miraxyz, gateway to imagination!

Learn more about EZtrack and Miraxyz’s related services for virtual production:

Entirely designed, engineered, and assembled in France by Miraxyz, EZtrack is a complete camera tracking system for live TV Broadcast, Cine Previs/Setvis/Techvis, and complex live shows empowering the latest AR real-time production workflows such as Unreal Engine 5.
Our innovation stands out as it is primarily designed as a “Hub”: an all-in-one data aggregator that can be combined with existing tracking sensors and technologies such as Lighthouse, OptiTrack, Vicon, or Antilatency. Thanks to unparallel modularity, our solution promises both quick and simplified deployment of the camera tracking workflow, thus, whatever the targeted size of tracking area or type of virtual studio configuration: green screen cyclorama or xR LED walls.

Complementary to the main camera tracking application, our team is also expert in lens profiling as we self-develop EZprofile, our universal lens profiling software allowing any camera operator to generate highly accurate lens profiles for any optic type: ENG/EFP, Cine Prime, Hybrid zoom, Broadcast zoom lens. Released as a standalone software, EZprofile implements a straightforward process across four steps, with a complete control of the data at every step, to deliver accurate calibrated lens profiles in a limited time, and for the most used 3D render engines of the market.

The combination of EZtrack Hub data aggregation capabilities and Cooke Optics’ lens metadata expertise allows filmmakers to see CG elements in near real-time, giving them the confidence to make creative decisions on set.

Press and Marketing Contact:
Stéphane Delouche
EZtrack Head of Sales & Product Marketing