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We are excited to announce our attendance at IBC 2023, the world’s leading trade show for the broadcasting and media industry. 

One of the highlights of our Stand 7.D11 will be the recent support of OptiTrack and Mechanical Pan-Tilt heads. The integration of these new technologies makes our camera tracking Hub more versatile than ever, allowing for a wider range of virtual production & VFX applications. 

We will also be demonstrating our lens calibration expertise with EZprofile, our software that is now used by many top-tier TV and cinema studios. EZprofile achieves a straightforward lens calibration process and supports many 3D render engines. 

EZtrack & OptiTrack form strategic partnership 

Users can now seamlessly combine our innovative camera tracking Hub with OptiTrack motion capture systems. As a valuable complement, the Hub adds lens data readout & tracking record in FBX for post-production.

EZtrack & OptiTrack form strategic partnership 

The combination of EZtrack Hub data aggregation capabilities and Cooke Optics’ lens metadata expertise allows filmmakers to see CG elements in near real-time, giving them the confidence to make creative decisions on set.